Tweet This Article to @DickC & @TwitterAds – #Tweet4Condoms

My hat’s off to Melissa White, CEO of Lucky Bloke. I love the way she goes about selling condoms and lubes by promoting safer sex in a fun and saucy (and not preachy) way. As I can’t stress enough, education is a big part of being a successful adult product retailer. In the case of condoms, there are so many factors of that product segment that most consumers are not aware of – proper fit, condoms for different experiences and purposes, different materials, how to use and put them on, contraception, and STI prevention.

Earlier this week, Melissa launched It’s a Lucky Bloke sister website that’s loaded with saucy, fun and educational sex information about safer sex. She’s pulled in a lot of big guns as contributors – The STD Project, Scarleteen, Condom Monologues and more. I’m giving it high praise for its content and value. It’s truly a website everyone that has sex should keep in their bookmarks folder. I mean everyone — teens, parents, married couples, single people.

What I learned from Melissa’s new website really shocked me was that condoms are on Twitter’s advertising blacklist.

Yep, condoms. They’re right alongside drugs, drug paraphernalia, weapons and weapon accessories.

Banning access to condoms and information about condoms does nothing to eradicate personal and public health issues. It has the opposite effect. Twitter’s no-condom ad policy is irresponsible and one of the most heinous forms corporate sex shaming.

tweet4condoms (2)Thank goodness Melissa’s doing something about that.

Melissa is circulating a petition on to get Twitter to lift its condom ad ban. It takes less than 30 seconds to sign the petition.

I’ll go as far as to say that it’s worth a few minutes to tweet some of these educational/informative posts that promote the necessity of condoms and sexual health to Twitter CEO Dick Costolo (@DickC and @TwitterAds with the hashtag #tweet4condoms.
. – http://safersex.eudcation

Socially Conscious Condoms –
Sir Richard’s Impact – Buy One, Give One –

Sir Richard’s: An Introduction –

Haiti & KORE –

One Condoms – One Voice –

L. – Our Movement –

Sustain – 10%4Women –

This is only a VERY short list of condom manufacturers and retailers that support community/world/health/public policy safe sex missions. Please add any other valuable related links in the comments section so they can be shared and tweeted by others.

And, oh yeah … tweet this article, too.


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