How Can People Know About Your Product if They Can’t Find You?


Over the past few days, I’ve been trying to contact every company that makes flavored lubricants for a massive blog post I have scheduled for the end of the month … The Great Lube Taste Test.

There were some companies that were easy to find. The brand and company names were listed in product descriptions. Some of their PR and sales reps got back to me almost immediately, even over the Fourth of July holiday weekend.

Then there were some companies I really had to dig through Google and social media sites to find contact information. One company hadn’t put out a tweet in over two years. One company had a website but no contact form, email link, Twitter account, or Facebook page.

In several cases, sites like Amazon and eBay popped up first when I searched products by names and brands. Some brand and company sites showed up on the second or third pages of Google searches, and some didn’t show up at all.

If a company is selling its flavored lubricants primarily on eBay, good for them. Realistically, I wonder how well they’re doing. When I searched Amazon for flavored lubricant, I got 3,914 results. On eBay, I got 3,614 results.

I also found that a lot of adult product retailers came up on Google searches before brand and company sites. But if customers are just doing a search for flavored lubricant, they’re likely to get sites like Adam & Eve, Pure Romance, Walgreens and Amazon at the top of the first page. When I did a search for flavored lubes on a client’s adult product retailer’s website, I got 375 results. I doubt if anyone is going to sift through that many results.

I’m only picking on personal lubricants because it’s my project du jour and there are at least 100 different kinds of flavored lubes in the market place. Some are easy to find and have great reputations because their manufacturers market them well online. I have never seen a flavored lube on the shelves in my local megastore or drug store. Even if I go to one of my favorite sex toy shops, I may or may not get informed sales person to help narrow down my choice. With the exception of big name manufacturers, TV and print advertising can be cost prohibitive if allowed at all. Even online/social media advertising can be iffy, (See Tweet This Article to @DickC & @TwitterAds – #Tweet4Condoms.)

If you manufacture flavored lubricants, yes, I want to hear from you. I’d also like to hear from manufacturers and retailers of other adult products to discuss ways to put what you have to offer above the others. Drop me a line and let’s start the conversation.


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