My Will Not Work For Free Manifesto – Chapter 2

Write for Our Cabana and get nothing in exchange for the cost of putting a roof over your head.
Write for Our Cabana and get nothing in exchange for the cost of putting a roof over your head.

I normally do not get hit up twice in one day to work on an unpaid “collaboration” with a revenue-generating website, but I am even now more committed to publicly outing companies like them that exploit bloggers and other creatives for their commercial gain.

Dear Chris,

How thoughtful of you to address me as AGWDM in asking me to “consider OurCabana to be something that your readers should know about.”

Please allow me to explain the cost to me for providing you with free advertising on my site.

My billing rate for a paid sponsored post is $200. That amount of money covers the time I spend writing, formatting and posting an article on my site. It also includes the worth of my web and social media reach. It’s money and time that I could have dedicated toward other paid work, pursuing paid work, or having the luxury of some downtime to watch a movie, read a book, or spend with friends or family.

To further insult me and all the other sex bloggers you have or will be contacting, you’re asking me to “consider becoming a Contributor to the Learn Section of OurCabana, or discuss how we can help promote your work within the OurCabana community.”

So now you’re asking me to provide free quality content to boost the SEO of your revenue-generating website? Do you really think that you’re helping to promote the partially unpaid work I already do and promote for my blog? Since you were able to find and contact me so easily, I can’t exactly say that you’re doing me any favors of reciprocal value.

Obviously, you contacted me because you saw the value in how I could add to the visibility and profitability of your online business. I’m sure you understand how I can use that same logic in using your company as an example of how companies exploit writers and other creatives to benefit their bottom lines.

From now on, be careful for what you wish. Our Cabana is now something my readers know about.


2 thoughts on “My Will Not Work For Free Manifesto – Chapter 2”

    1. Usually, but not always. However, I get a fair amount of pitches from PR people who want me to write stories about their products, services and websites.

      Any PR professional should know that existing does not make one newsworthy. I do not and will not use my valuable time to write about things on my website that are blatantly free advertising. Plus, readers don’t care to read advertorials.

      However, in sponsored posts, I can discreetly mention a product if I’m writing about educational or informative story (like why lube is necessary or benefits of vibrators) or if there’s an interesting story about how a unique product was developed.


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