While I may be based in Detroit, my client base extends from Canada to Austin, Texas, to Australia.

KS_BannerPES_V2Kama Sutra
I provide sponsored posts on my blog for Kama Sutra, a 45-year-old luxury sensual products company.

AGWDM LSOS logo 200Little Shop of O’s
Little Shop of O’s is an Austin, Texas-based online sex toy retailer and local passion party company. I provide adult sex education content on its site and sponsored posts on my blog.

SSD search factorySearch Factory
Search Factory is an SEO/SEM consultancy based in Brisbane, Australia. I have written sponsored posts on my blog for their clients in the sex toy, online dating and escort service service markets.

Other Clients
Shagaholic: How to Avoid Disappointment in Online Sex Dating
I Want U & Up For It: How to Score with Adult Dating Sites

For previous work experience, visit the Socially Networked Detroit Clients and Previous Experience pages.


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Content marketing & social media consulting for the adult industry

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