I am happy to present workshops in stores and at conferences in the Detroit/Ann Arbor area.

I am happy to present workshop at out-of-town conferences. Please contact me to discuss travel and accommodation fees.

Great Sex Begins with Great Communication

If you are open to exchanging the ultimate form of nonverbal communication, then you should be able to talk about sex. However, it’s the most difficult thing to do for most partners, whether you’re new to each other or have been married for decades. What are the barriers that get in the way for most people to talk about sex comfortably and how to overcome them. This workshop also discusses how couples can get over their awkwardness in discussing satisfaction, dissatisfaction, establishing boundaries and limits, opening up suggestions for new types of play and what they want more and less of, and exploring fantasies.

Fee: $ 25 per person, $35 per couple (It’s suggested that couples attend together) – 10 person minimum – 48-hour cancellation if minimum is not met – 1 ½ hour workshop

How to Give the Best Blow Job Ever

There’s an art to giving the perfect blow job. This class will discuss how to master a variety of techniques that most men like along with some that men never knew they liked. This class will also go over a number of different kinds of flavored lubricants and other oral enhancements that will amp up the effectiveness of your techniques.

Fee: $30 per person – 7 person minimum – 48-hour cancellation of minimum is not met – 1 ½ hour workshop. Attendees must bring their own dildos or buy one for (available price). Lubricants may be provided or can use store samples (preferred for workshops held at retail stores). Hand sanitizer, wet wipes and drinking water will be provided for this class.

How to Buy a Sex Toy

Buying a sex toy, especially for the first time, can be an overwhelming, if not scary experience. But when you understand what sex toys do, how they’re made, and what’s available, it makes the whole buying experience much more easier and rewarding. This workshop will also cover sex toy care, cleaning and storage.

Fee: $20 per person – 8 person minimum – 48-hour cancellation of minimum is not met – 1 ½ hour workshop


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